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Sexual harassment alleged by former Zillow employee

The real estate listing website Zillow recently dealt with (and is still dealing with) a number of lawsuit relating to their treatment of employees. One such lawsuit, a class action lawsuit alleging the company pressured employees into working late, coming in early and even working through lunch, has yet to be settled. But a specific lawsuit relating to sexual harassment appears to have been settled recently.

The plaintiff in the case alleges that she was subjected to “heinous acts of sexual harassment” that include quid pro quo claims. She says her male supervisors demanded that she acquiesce to their sexual demands, otherwise her employment would be in jeopardy. These supervisors also sent pictures of their genitalia to her via cellphone.

While Zillow denies they harbor such an atmosphere that would tolerate these actions and though they claim discipline was taken in the matter, this case highlights a very real concern for women in the workplace — and really anyone in the workplace.

Your employment shouldn’t, and isn’t, tied to your willingness to accept sexual advances from fellow workers and supervisors. Furthermore, if your complaints and allegations aren’t respected and handled properly internally, the company could be in a lot of trouble.

Sexual harassment is a very serious matter in employment law, and victims of this behavior deserve justice. Consult with an attorney when you are sexually harassed by employees at your company, or if you are retaliated against for reporting such behavior.

Source: HousingWire, “Zillow settles sexual harassment lawsuit,” Jacob Gaffney, June 3, 2016