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Racial Harassment, African Americans: Recent Cases

Racial harassment against African Americans (slurs, jokes, inappropriate and hateful conduct, and comments) is highly prevalent in the workplace in California.

One need look only to recent cases prosecuted by the EEOC for information about the extreme nature of harassing conduct occurring in the workplace today.

The big racial harassment payouts tend to get the headlines. Lockheed Martin Corp. agreed to settle a case and pay $2.5 million to a black electrician who claimed he was harassed on a daily basis. He was threatened with lynching and once told: “If the South had won then this would be a better country.”

While the EEOC prosecutes cases against employers, it does so infrequently and takes only a handful of cases each year. Also, the payouts in cases handled by private lawyers like the Law Offices of Daniel Feder can be significantly higher than those managed by the EEOC.

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