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What to know about femur injuries

Femur fractures are just one of many types of injuries that you could incur after a car accident. However, as the femur is one of the strongest bones in the body, incurring such an injury means that you were likely in a significant wreck. Fortunately, California law allows you to seek damages against any parties who may have contributed to your injuries.

What to know about the femur

The femur is a long bone that spans the hip to the knee. If the bone is fractured, you must seek treatment immediately to avoid long-term damage. Symptoms of a femur fracture often include severe pain, blood loss if the bone pierces the skin and an inability to walk. Depending on where the fracture occurred, you may also be at risk for damage to the kneecap.

Pedestrians are most vulnerable

A fractured femur may occur if you were in a vehicle hit by another car or truck. However, the odds of this type of injury are greater if you were walking or riding a bike when a motor vehicle accident occurs. This is because there is almost nothing to protect you from the energy generated at the point of impact. In addition to being struck directly by the car itself, the force of the collision could cause you to be thrown against a wall or other solid surface.

If you are struck by a motor vehicle, you generally have two years to file a lawsuit. However, many personal injury cases are resolved outside of court. Medical records, witness statements and other records may all be used to bolster your assertion that you were hurt because of the defendant’s reckless actions.