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People have rights after injuries in a supermarket fall

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

In California, people can suffer injuries in unexpected situations. A slip and fall in a supermarket might sound like an unusual occurrence, but it happens quite often with the potential for severe injuries.

Knowing your rights after a supermarket slip and fall

The fall can happen inside or outside. Supermarkets can have wet spots on the floor after a spill. If there was no sign or immediate steps were not taken to clean it and make the area safe for patrons, the store could be held responsible.

These stores could have items like shopping carts and handheld baskets where people could trip and fall. Outside, there could be icy areas in a parking lot or a pothole causing people can stumble and hurt themselves. Wherever the accident occurs on the store property, the ownership may be held liable.

There is no minimum purchase amount required to consider legal options after a supermarket fall; even if you didn’t buy anything, you might be able to file a claim. Even if people were not seriously hurt in the fall, they may still be eligible to file a claim. A minor back injury or a pulled muscle can cause problems sufficient to warrant a premises liability claim.

Injuries suffered in a supermarket fall

People do not generally think they will fall and hurt themselves when grocery shopping. Still, it can and does happen. Like any type of accident, there can be medical expenses, lost income and long-term challenges that must be considered. Gathering information about what can be done after a supermarket fall is critical to knowing the alternatives and moving forward.