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Brain injury accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Brain Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents in California are on the rise, and this calls for you to take additional precautions. Alongside the many injuries you can sustain from a vehicle crash, brain damage is a threat that comes with legal complications. Among falls and assaults, car crashes are a leading cause of brain injury. The disabilities sustained from brain damage make these injuries serious and reportable. When your injury is the fault of another, you reserve the right to file suit.

Your primary care physician

Those who survive motor vehicle accidents should quickly consult with their primary care physician. This professional has your health records and recent visits in mind. The symptoms that suggest a brain injury shouldn’t be allowed to exacerbate. Contact a doctor right after an accident. Tell them about any new loss of memory, slurred speech or headaches. Keep in mind that any type of collision you have should be followed up with medical analysis.

Find a neurologist

Consider the special care that a stroke, epileptic or Parkinson’s patient needs. Brain patients have their medical evaluations done by neurologists. Neurologists specifically train for brain injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents. With the credentials to treat the spinal cord and brain, neurologists also provide legal assessments of your injuries. As for building your legal case, you’ll need to speak with a neurologist if you want medical testimony on your behalf.

The neuropsychologist versus a forensic neuropsychologist

Neuropsychology is the science of behavior as related to brain health. This field of study, though part of basic health, is used as evidence in personal injury cases. Neuropsychologists give diagnoses and treatments on neuropsychological behavior. In a court of law, however, only a forensic neuropsychologist discusses neuropsychology in terms of its legal implications.

Motor vehicle accidents in California

To claim damages, seeing a medical professional is required after a vehicle incident. Depending on the injuries you sustain, brain imaging with an MRI scan may be required. Building a case for brain injury calls for Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) readings and documentation.