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What can I do if my boss is not following COVID-19 protocols?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Workplace Safety

COVID-19 has resulted in some confusing times for everyone. Adapting to this issue in the workplace has become a considerable challenge. As part of this adaptation, businesses must not follow specific protocols to maintain customers’ and employees’ safety. While many companies are following these protocols, what about the businesses that do not?

California has created new laws to help protect the public from COVID-19, but these laws are ineffective when business owners choose not to follow them. As an employee, what can you do if you notice your employer is not following these regulations?

What an employee can do

When an employer or colleague is violating employee rights or breaking the law, it can feel as though there is nothing an employee can do to hold them accountable. In fact, employees have many rights they can use to report these violations and protect themselves.

In the event of a COVID-19 protocol violation, there is a set channel of communication that an employee can use to report the violation. An employee who noticed an issue can reach out to their California OSHA District Office and report the safety hazards. The office accepts calls during or outside regular business hours and also by e-mail.

Will there be consequences?

Some employees do not report workplace violations in fear of losing their job in retaliation. All employees should understand that the law protects you from workplace retaliation or discrimination for reporting any sort of violation or infringement of employee rights.

If your employer or colleague should retaliate against you for notifying OHSA of a violation, consult with an employment law attorney immediately. You may have a case for your employee rights violation, and your lawyer can help you pursue the best possible outcome in that claim, including compensation for the violation of your rights.

Be sure to speak up

If you noticed any kind of workplace violation regarding COVID-19 protocol, contact your local OSHA office immediately. The sooner the proper parties are aware of a violation, the sooner they can act to correct it and ensure you and your workplace’s safety.