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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

Fast food giant faces sexual harassment allegations

It would be difficult for Bay Area residents to find a person that has not patronized a McDonald's at some point. The fast food chain has locations globally, and one would be hard-pressed to find a city in the United States that does not have one. On the surface, McDonald's has a family-friendly reputation, even using a slogan that includes the words "serving up smiles." Employees of the burger giant don't seem to be smiling, however, and McDonald's now faces rampant accusations of sexual harassment nationwide. 

Sexual harassment takes flight

Bay Area residents may be among the millions of Americans who have boarded an airplane, bound for a far-off destination. While many find air travel to be an enjoyable experience -- and it certainly can be, a new report reveals what seems to be a hidden world of sexual harassment. The New York Times, considered by many to be a beloved and reputable news source, broke the story. 

Student gets educated about sexual harassment at work

Bay Area college students look forward to getting their careers started. After years of hard work, it is quite the accomplishment to enter the workplace, ready to earn one's way up in a company. Though many students begin a career as the low man on the totem pole, with hard work and dedication, many establish careers that can last for decades. Unfortunately, some students become victims, and one student is speaking out about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. 

New year, new sexual harassment laws

Bay Area employees are back on the job after ringing in the new year. While most people find a way to celebrate new beginnings with family or friends, the new year is not just a reason to party. Now that the calendar has moved on to 2019, employees should be made aware that any new laws that passed are now in effect, and several states have passed legislation to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. 

Police chief charged with sexual misconduct, discrimination

The city of Beverly Hills recently paid over 2.3 million to settle complaints against the city’s female police chief, Sandra Spagnoli. During her two years as chief, employees alleged Spagnoli engaged in multiple acts of discrimination and sexual misconduct.

CBS News settles with Charlie Rose’s three accusers

In 2017, 35 female employees of CBS News publicly accused anchor Charlie Rose of sexual harassment. Among their allegations? Unwanted sexual innuendos, gendered slurs and physical contact, including caressing and kissing. Three of these women filed a lawsuit against CBS News.

Workplaces changing holiday parties to prevent sexual harassment

The holiday work party is quickly approaching. Unfortunately, many people across the United States have experienced sexual harassment at their holiday parties. As a result of the recent Me Too movement, many workplace holiday parties will not look the same this year.

Women at KPMG allege gender discrimination, sexual harassment

Tragically, sexual harassment and gender discrimination have existed in workplaces for many years. In 2011, five female employees at KPMG sued the company for $350 million, alleging gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

Google creates new sexual harassment policies following protests

Last month, the New York Times released an article that revealed Google hid claims of sexual harassment and paid top executives large exit packages to remain silent about their misconduct. According to the article, one of the exit packages totaled over $90 million dollars.

Industry giant Uber revamps sexual harassment policy

Many people in the Bay Area are familiar with the car service Uber, used by thousands of riders daily. Uber provides vehicle owners with a connection to people willing to pay for transportation in their local area. While Uber does screen and train drivers, the company recently found itself with a lengthy list of sexual harassment claims stemming from both customers and employees. 

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