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Posts tagged "Pregnancy Discrimination"

Pregnancy discrimination at popular store prompts legal action

Bay Area residents may have shopped at a party supply store to gear up for a fun event. Such stores can make it easy to get everything you need to throw together the perfect gathering. The men and women who work at these stores surely do their best to help customers find just the right items, and they keep the shelves well-stocked with goodies for all occasions. Recently, it became public knowledge that one such store, Party City, which is a chain store with many locations nationwide, was found to have committed pregnancy discrimination against some employees. 

Pregnancy discrimination still rampant in the workplace

For many women, the news that they are expecting a baby can cause them to be overjoyed. These days, it is certainly within the norm for Bay Area mothers to have a career. Even though there are laws in place to prevent pregnancy discrimination, a recent glance into the matter shows that it is still a major concern among working expectant mothers. 

Netflix employee alleges pregnancy discrimination

Pregnant women have the right to work in an environment that does not discriminate or harass them on the basis of their pregnancy. Federal and state laws protect Bay Area employees from pregnancy discrimination, yet some women still experience this type of unacceptable treatment. One California-based Netflix employee is accusing the large streaming service provider of treating her unfairly because of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy discrimination is unlawful: What to do if it happens

Having a baby is typically an exciting, joyful time in a woman's life. It can definitely be challenging, as well, in more ways than one. However, a problem no pregnant woman in California or elsewhere should have to face is losing a job because of pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination still common in the workplace

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most natural life events a woman can go through. With slight adjustments to their environment and routine, most women can continue with normal life throughout most of their pregnancies. Still, women in the workplace continue to face examples of unfair treatment despite the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act over 40 years ago. Understanding how the law protects them is the first step for California women to ensure they are receiving fair treatment in the workplace.

How does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protect pregnant women?

Pregnant women who continue working during their pregnancy face the dual challenge of carrying a child while fulfilling their job duties. While some employers treat pregnant women equitably, many do not.

Are you a victim of pregnancy discrimination?

Pregnancy should be one of the most exciting and happy times in your life. However, working mothers do not always get to experience this joy. Many times, mothers in the workforce are filled with anxiety and fear that they will lose their jobs for having a baby.

Female run company faces pregnancy discrimination claims

Even companies run by women can face pregnancy discrimination claims. The Wonderful Company is owned and led by female billionaire, Lynda Resnick. Resnick began the business as a working single mother. Years later, the company is now facing claims of pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination.

Former VP of Goldman Sachs fired on maternity leave files lawsuit

Maternity leave is a point of tension in many companies. Oftentimes, working mothers feel such intense pressure to keep their jobs that they return to work early after giving birth or avoid taking maternity leave at all.

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