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Woman suing employer for disability discrimination

Chobani brand yogurt is sold in supermarkets in California and around the company. The company producing the food has been the target of three lawsuits from employees alleging discrimination. In the most recent case, a woman has claimed that her request for workplace accommodations for her disability led to her dismissal. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has deemed her lawsuit worthy of advancing to trial.

What makes a workplace toxic and potentially unlawful?

Employees are undoubtedly under the authority of those in charge of their workplace. It is a known power imbalance that you agree to when you decide to submit to a new job offer. However, there are differences between what is considered a toxic place to work and when it crosses the line into unlawful acts.

Lawsuit against TBS alleges racial discrimination

When California residents watch a television channel, they have little way to know what goes on behind the cameras. A lawsuit filed by a black female former employee of Turner Broadcasting System sheds some light on what she alleges went on throughout the organization. According to her complaint, the 13-year veteran of the cable channel said that her employer passed her over for a promotion to a senior management position although her work history qualified her for the job. The employer instead promoted a white man with allegedly inferior qualifications.

Lawsuit accuses Google of gender-based income discrimination

A group of women has filed a class-action lawsuit against Google claiming that the technology giant's employment practices violate California law. Lawmakers in Sacramento amended the California Equal Pay Act in 2017 to forbid employers from using prior pay to set salaries, and they revised the state labor law again on Jan. 1 to stop companies even asking job applicants about how much they earned in their previous positions. The class-action lawsuit alleges that Google flouts this law and claims that women employed by the Mountain View-based company are paid significantly less than their male colleagues as a result.

Transgender woman sues Sam's Club

Workers in California are protected from discrimination at work by both state and federal laws. A transgender woman is suing Sam's Club alleging discrimination. According to court documents, she was fired from a North Carolina store after making repeated complaints about harassment.

Social media criticized for excluding older job seekers

A recently released study suggests that some of the largest employers in California and around the country use social media sites like Facebook to make their job listings available only to members of certain demographic groups. Online platforms allow advertisers to target their messages by screening for factors such as gender and age, but labor advocates say that using these filters when available jobs are being posted violates federal laws, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

How women experience harassment at work

Women in California and throughout the country may feel as if they are discriminated against in the workplace. That was one of the finding of a Pew Research poll of 4,914 adults conducted during July and August 2017. Specifically, 42 percent of respondents said that they were passed over for a job in favor of a male worker or paid less than a male worker in a similar position.

Job protection and accommodation rights for pregnant employees

Federal laws protect people in California from workplace discrimination during a pregnancy or illness. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act applies to organizations that employ 15 or more people. The law requires employers to treat pregnant employees the same as other people in regards to firing, hiring and promotion eligibility.

Lawsuit accuses Uber of discriminatory work practices

The California-based ride-sharing company Uber has been accused of gender and race-based workplace discrimination in a lawsuit. The litigation was filed by three Latina software engineers in San Francisco on Oct. 24. Reports indicate that the three engineers brought their concerns to the attention of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency before seeking civil remedies.

Legal issues surrounding spousal jealousy

Imagine a situation in which the wife of a company president doesn't want her husband working with female employees. It led one female employee to experience disparate treatment on the job in addition to termination from her job at a forklift dealer. California employees should know that this isn't necessarily a clear case of sex discrimination. In some cases, spousal jealousy can actually be a lawful reason for firing someone.

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