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Teens become victims of wage and hour violations.

Most people in the Bay Area can likely recall their first job. Most remember the sense of pride and excitement that came from entering the workforce and beginning to learn to make their own living. One field that has become a magnet for teen workers is the fast food industry, specifically McDonald's, which is one of the largest chain restaurants in the world. A recent survey estimates that one in eight Americans has worked at a McDonald's at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the industry is also prone to incidents of wage and hour violations.

Restaurant found guilty of wage and hour violations.

The restaurant industry is one of the largest fields of employment in the Bay Area. Many would agree that working in the food service industry can be an exciting and prosperous experience. Unfortunately, working in a restaurant can leave an employee vulnerable to becoming the victim of wage and hour violations

Drywall company guilty of grievous wage and hour violations

Bay Area residents are likely aware that maintaining steady employment can be difficult in today's economy. Many people may find themselves so happy to have a "good job" that they are not even aware they may be being mistreated by their employer. Lately, the U.S. Department of Labor has been cracking down on wage and hour violations

Wage and hour violations reported at discount store

With the American economy in constant turmoil, many residing in the Bay Area consider themselves to be extremely fortunate if they are able to maintain steady employment. One of the largest job sectors in the nation is retail. While many retail workers truly enjoy their jobs, their chosen field can at times be prone to employee mistreatment, especially in the form of wage and hour violations

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