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Industry giant Uber revamps sexual harassment policy

Many people in the Bay Area are familiar with the car service Uber, used by thousands of riders daily. Uber provides vehicle owners with a connection to people willing to pay for transportation in their local area. While Uber does screen and train drivers, the company recently found itself with a lengthy list of sexual harassment claims stemming from both customers and employees. 

Sexual harassment suit against culinary star settled

A contestant on Top Chef, Mike Isabella, recently settled a lawsuit alleging that he sexually harassed a former worker. Other partners in the man's hospitality group were also accused of engaging in sexual harassment in the lawsuit. Individuals in the Bay Area and elsewhere who are sexually harassed in the workplace likewise have the right to seek to hold their harassers accountable through the civil court system.

Nike case shows link between sexual harassment, discrimination

California readers may have heard that Nike is the latest company to be accused of sexual harassment as a result of the #MeToo movement. Employment law experts say that the case illustrates the potential link between on-the-job sexual harassment and workplace discrimination.

Not everyone is protected from sexual harassment

Workers in California and throughout America are not necessarily protected by Title VII, which is a federal anti-discrimination law. This is because it only applies to companies that have 15 or more employees in an effort to protect small companies from lawsuits. However, many who work for small firms are nannies or those who work on farm, and they are often women or undocumented immigrants.

California may adopt new workplace sexual harassment laws

Three bills dealing with workplace sexual harassment are under consideration in the California legislature. SB-1343 will update the law that requires workplaces where at least 50 people work to give supervisors sexual harassment training within six months of the supervisor beginning the job and then every two years. It will require companies that have at least five employees to train all employees in sexual harassment by Jan. 1, 2020. This will need to be at least two hours of training every two years. Furthermore, the Department of Fair Employment and Housing will be required to develop a two-hour training program that employers have the option to use.

Sexual harassment suit filed against family fun center

A former family fun center waitress in another state recently claimed that she was sexually harassed while on the job. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against the entertainment business, seeking damages. Likewise, individuals in the Bay Area who experience workplace sexual harassment have the right to seek to hold their harassers accountable.

Awareness of sexual harassment may lead to more complaints

Companies in California and throughout the country are expecting an increased number of sexual harassment cases in 2018. The HR Certification Institute did a poll of 200 people who were HR leaders within their organizations to get their feelings about the matter. Of those polled, 79 percent said that sexual harassment training should be a high priority, compared to just 40 percent in 2017.

Sexual harassment claims fall for white women, not others

The #MeToo movement has cast a spotlight on sexual harassment in California's entertainment industry, drawing national media attention to an important employment issue. However, these high-profile cases fail to tell the whole story of workplace sexual harassment.

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