You have the right to have children and a career in California. The government makes sure that employers do not treat you differently if you are pregnant. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act gives you certain rights and protections that help ensure you are able to continue working while pregnant and that your employer will not treat you differently due to your condition.

One part of the PDA is that your employer must provide you with reasonable accommodations that you need during your pregnancy. Your employer must try to accommodate you as best as possible within reason. The law will not make your employer spend a huge amount of money to accommodate you or otherwise inconvenience the business, but simple accommodations, such as allowing you extra breaks or letting you sit between serving customers, are easy, sensible requests.

The similar clause

When it comes to discrimination laws, the baseline comparison is what your employer has done for other employees. If in the past, your employer provided accommodations for a worker with an injury similar to what you need, then your employer should provide these accommodations for you. However, if your employer has a policy of making every employee take time off work if he or she cannot do the job without a specific accommodation, then your employer can apply that same rule to you. It is about fairness in the end.

Substantially limiting

Whatever issue you may have with doing your job due to your pregnancy must be substantially limiting. This means that it limits your ability to do certain major tasks, such as standing, walking or lifting. Your employer needs to accommodate anything that limits you to that degree.

Generally, you will need a doctor’s note explaining your limitations and your need for accommodation if you wish for your employer to abide by the PDA.