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May 2019 Archives

Fast food giant faces sexual harassment allegations

It would be difficult for Bay Area residents to find a person that has not patronized a McDonald's at some point. The fast food chain has locations globally, and one would be hard-pressed to find a city in the United States that does not have one. On the surface, McDonald's has a family-friendly reputation, even using a slogan that includes the words "serving up smiles." Employees of the burger giant don't seem to be smiling, however, and McDonald's now faces rampant accusations of sexual harassment nationwide. 

Were you denied a lactation accommodation?

Perhaps your employer was good to you throughout your pregnancy. As it progressed, your employer accommodated you as much as possible. You even took off time to be with your newborn after the birth and had no trouble getting the time off and returning to work.

Wage and hour violations against local heros

When there is an emergency, Bay Area residents know that they can call police, fire or EMS dispatchers at any time, day or night. Dispatchers are the hard-working men and women that make sure help gets to a victim or a person in need as quickly as possible. These dedicated men and women often offer life-saving or safety advice over the phone while the person on the other end waits for help to arrive. Recently, it was made known that some of these invaluable employees have become victims themselves because of wage and hour violations.  

Pregnancy discrimination still rampant in the workplace

For many women, the news that they are expecting a baby can cause them to be overjoyed. These days, it is certainly within the norm for Bay Area mothers to have a career. Even though there are laws in place to prevent pregnancy discrimination, a recent glance into the matter shows that it is still a major concern among working expectant mothers. 

Three examples of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Despite both California and federal laws prohibiting pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, such discrimination still exists. Whether your pregnancy announcement causes your boss to treat you differently or your employer suddenly and mysteriously terminates your position, you may have options to hold your employer accountable for their actions.

Reports of wage and hour violations spread at Trump resort

Donald Trump has made the headlines again, but this time, his politics are not the focus. California has its share of golf courses, country clubs and the like, and Bay Area residents can rest assured employees at such establishments are known to work very hard to provide patrons with an enjoyable experience. Recently, one such place, owned by the Trump Organization, has come under fire in an investigation focusing on wage and hour violations

Sexual harassment storm at AccuWeather

Bay Area residents probably check the weather each day so that they can be prepared for the day ahead. One of the most popular weather outlets is AccuWeather, which offers up-to-the-minute predictions on what to expect from Mother Nature. People probably don't often consider the hard-working employees who do their best to provide such a handy service to the public, but recently, it was revealed that many of these employees admitted that they had been the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Rail worker chugs along to victory in wrongful termination suit.

Being hurt at work can be a stressful situation. When a Bay Area employee can't work due to an injury suffered on the job, bills and other regular expenses can stack up quickly. There are safety nets in place for injured employees, in the form if laws and labor standards, but sometimes an employer does the wrong thing, shown in a recent story of wrongful termination.

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