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April 2019 Archives

Compassionate workers face wage and hour violations

Bay Area residents might have personal experience with a home health care worker. These hard-working men and women help to ensure that a person who is elderly, ill or seriously injured can maintain a comfortable existence in his or her own home. These workers can look after health needs, and ensure that a patient has access to proper hygiene, healthy food and anything else that can provide some semblance of a normal existence to those who cannot care for themselves. It has recently been discovered that the home health care industry is wrought with wage and hour violations, making it difficult for these workers to complete the task at hand. 

Netflix employee alleges pregnancy discrimination

Pregnant women have the right to work in an environment that does not discriminate or harass them on the basis of their pregnancy. Federal and state laws protect Bay Area employees from pregnancy discrimination, yet some women still experience this type of unacceptable treatment. One California-based Netflix employee is accusing the large streaming service provider of treating her unfairly because of her pregnancy.

University faces wrongful termination suit

Spring has sprung in the Bay Area, and hard-working residents are looking forward to spring break. Especially for employees of colleges and universities, where students are given time off from studies, a few days off is a welcome prospect. Unfortunately, one man was given a permanent break, and now he is bringing a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer. 

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