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March 2019 Archives

Sexual harassment takes flight

Bay Area residents may be among the millions of Americans who have boarded an airplane, bound for a far-off destination. While many find air travel to be an enjoyable experience -- and it certainly can be, a new report reveals what seems to be a hidden world of sexual harassment. The New York Times, considered by many to be a beloved and reputable news source, broke the story. 

Wage and hour violations discovered at wireless retailer

Most Bay Area residents have come to rely on smart phones for many tasks that were once considered tedious. These days, anything from checking the weather to paying a bill can be done with a simple click or swipe. Technology seems to be constantly updating, and certainly seems to be the way of the future, but the industry still relies on hard-working employees to sell plans and devices, or help a customer in person. Recently, wage and hour violations against such employees were discovered. 

Whistleblowers often fear retaliation, with good reason

Nobody likes a tattletale, but Bay Area employees were likely taught growing up that there is a difference between tattling and calling attention to a dangerous or unjust situation. In the workplace, people who take this sort of action to protect other employees and alert authorities to danger or crime are often referred to as whistleblowers. Often, hard-working employees may be aware of a problem on the job that should be reported to authorities but fear that an employer will take retaliatory action against them if they do. 

Wrongful termination? Action can be taken

Bay Area employees might know how stressful it can be to hear that the job they work so hard to keep is ending due to circumstances beyond their control. Often, administrative issues or budget constraints can cost employees lower down the chain their jobs. Sometimes, it turns out that the jobs could have been sustained for employees if proper action had been taken, and in these cases, parties may want to consider filing a wrongful termination suit. 

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