Chico's Sued by San Francisco Employment Lawyer Daniel Feder For Requiring Employees to Purchase Clothing

May 14, 2003

In May of 2003, the Law Offices of Daniel Feder, filed a class action lawsuit against clothing store Chico's. The suit alleges that employees are illegally required to purchase Chico's clothing as part of their job requirements.

This requirement violates portions of California Labor Law.  The Labor Code states that uniforms, which is defined as any clothing of distinct design or colors, must be provided to employees free of charge. Chico's forced employees to spend money on clothing.  They did so, according to the lawsuit, each season.  This requirement increased the expense of working in the store.

Many hundreds of current and former Chico's employees have been affected by their wardrobing policy.  These individuals may be eligible to seek damages under the class-action lawsuit.