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Whistleblowers claim Salvation Army managers stole donations

Two individuals in another state recently came forward about Salvation Army managers who had allegedly stolen donations. These whistleblowers claimed that the managers then pocketed the earned profits. Afterward, the whistleblowers were reportedly punished for speaking up about the managers' alleged activity. Fortunately, any whistleblower in the Bay Area and elsewhere is protected under state law.

Whistleblowers in Bay Area protected by law

A public safety worker with a public school district in another state recently claimed that he was retaliated against in the workplace for speaking up about corruption in his department. He has therefore filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the organization. Whistleblowers in the Bay Area have the right to seek justice if demoted, terminated or otherwise retaliated against after reporting wrongdoing in their companies.

Whistleblowers protected by California law

Sometimes, employees see conduct they know is unethical or illegal and feel obligated to speak up about it. Unfortunately, these whistleblowers may end up losing their jobs or facing other forms of punishment on the job for their actions. However, the law in California, which covers the Bay Area, protects these employees from retaliation.

Whistleblowers may be reinstated to their jobs, receive damages

A woman in another state claimed that she lost her job simply because she was a whistleblower. However, the woman, who worked at a college, was recently reinstated to her former role. Whistleblowers in the Bay Area who are punished by their employers for reporting illegal or unethical behavior have the right to seek to hold accountable their employers.

Whistleblowers may face termination after reporting wrongdoing

A woman in another state claimed she was terminated from her job after reporting that her employer was breaking federal rules. She has therefore decided to file a whistleblower lawsuit against the company. Whistleblowers in the Bay Area are protected by the law, so if they face retaliation, they have the right to seek justice.

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