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How to cope with harassment at work

California workers may be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of harassment at the hands of other workers or managers. However, there are many possible ways to deal with harassment in the workplace. For instance, it may be possible to look at the employee handbook to determine if there is a formal process for filing a complaint. It may also be possible to talk with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to learn more.

Former Gucci worker files lawsuit against former manager

On Oct. 4, it was reported that a former retail employee of a Gucci store in Chicago filed a $10 million sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiff has claimed that the store manager sexually harassed her to the point where he exposed himself to her, but his behavior was ignored by higher-ups. The company also has a flagship store in San Francisco.

Sexual harassment in California federal workplaces

Federal workers around the country are less likely to encounter sexual harassment in the workplace today than they were in the past according to the results of a survey by the Merit Systems Protection Board, but the quasi-judicial independent agency found that inappropriate sexual behavior and language in government workplaces is still alarmingly common and most often directed at female employees. The MSPB, which protects federal employees from abusive practices and partisan politics in the workplace, conducted its survey in 2016.

Physical therapists report high rates of sexual harassment

Physical therapists in California may be likely to face sexual harassment from their patients. In a study that surveyed nearly 900 physical therapists and students, 84 percent reported sexual harassment at work, and nearly half said they had experienced it in the past year. Women comprised around 80 percent of respondents, and 60 percent of them worked with patients who had cognitive impairments such as brain injury or dementia. Psychological consequences of harassment included depression, anxiety, fear and guilt.

State senator to introduce tech industry anti-harassment bill

On Aug. 17, a California state senator announced her intention to introduce legislation aimed at reducing sexual harassment between investors and entrepreneurs. Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson said she would work with the tech industry in hopes of pushing for the bill's passage after the reconvening of the legislature in January.

Women say they left Google due to racism and sexism

Google has fired a male employee for writing a memo claiming that women are inherently less qualified to be engineers than men. Since that incident, women of color have begun speaking out about other incidents of alleged racial and sexual discrimination at the California-based company.

Male unemployment rates linked to sexual harassment claims

California employees may be interested to learn that, based on an analysis of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, sexual harassment in the workplace rises when male unemployment rates rise. In fact, sex discrimination claims made to the EEOC have increased by about 10 percent over the last two decades.

Tesla allegedly fired woman for claiming sexual harassment

Tesla is a California company that wants to shape the future. However, the experiences of some of its female employees appear to be mired in the prejudices of the past. One female employee has filed a lawsuit against the company. She claims that the company fired her after a media outlet published her allegations of sexual harassment in the Tesla workplace.

Women of color in science fields face more discrimination

Women of color in California and across the country who work in some of the most advanced scientific fields continue to experience hostile environments based on their race and gender, a study has found. Their experience in the workplace underlies some of the key theories through which scholars understand discrimination, particularly the "double jeopardy" of both racial and gender harassment.

Former McDonald's employee files discrimination claim

California workers may be interested to learn that a former McDonald's employee filed a lawsuit claiming that she was subjected to discrimination and was sexually harassed because she is transgender. The defendants are the company as well as the owner of the franchise located in Redford, Michigan.

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